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Paul Thomas Anderson
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Age: 50 years

Born in: Studio City, California, USA
Born on: 06/26/1970


Paul Thomas Anderson was born on June 26, 1970 in that San Fernando Valley, California, which is the privileged theater of practically all of his films. Growing up in a large family, third last of nine brothers, he had a conflicting relationship with his mother but has always been very close to his father Ernie, actor, voice actor and DJ who pushed him to pursue the dream of becoming a director.

With cinema, like many of his peers, Anderson he began to play self-taught from a very young age: at the age of eight he signed his first amateur short, and for his first truly accomplished work we arrived in 1988, the year in which, in high school, he made a mockumentary entitled The Dirk Diggler Story, story of a porn actor who will be the basis for the Boogie Nights to come.

Listless student, Paul Thomas attends New York University for just two days, gets his tuition paid back with that money, and other remedies here and there, realziza in 1993 Cigarettes & Coffee, short film that will be screened at Sundance and will open the doors of the Sundance Feature Film Program.

After taking part in the program, followed by Michael Caton-Jones, Anderson realizes in 1996 his first feature film, Sydney, then retitled Hard Eight, a noir set in Las Vegas which expands the idea behind Coffee & Cigarettes. The film changed its title because the producer had initially changed the director’s cut, but the director, in possession of a copy, sent it to the Cannes Film Festival who invited him to the Un Certain Regard section. Thanks to that sounding board, PTA he was able to complete and distribute the film in the version he desired.

The success of Hard Eight it was nothing compared to that obtained, the following year, by Boogie Nights, the ensemble film about a porn crew in 1970s Los Angeles that was a success with audiences and critics and earned three Oscar nominations, including one that went to the same Anderson for Best Screenplay.

The new, renewed bargaining power of the young director gives him the possibility of having total creative control over his next work: it was born like this Magnolia (1999) another ensemble film that tells the strange intersections in the lives of a group of characters who win theGolden Bear in Berlin and applies to Anderson a new nomination for screenplay, the first for director and screenplay by Toronto critics and numerous other nominations.

Now globally recognized as one of the greatest talents in world cinema, PTA surprises the public and the press by announcing his intention to shoot a film of no more than 90 minutes (as opposed to over two hours in the previous) Adam Sandler, who becomes the protagonist of the bittersweet and bewildered comedy Drunk with love, which will be screened in competition at 2002 Cannes Film Festival.

Drunk with love displaces fans of Anderson, which in response slows down the pace of its production and works for five years a The oilman, film of the 2007 interpreted by Daniel Day Lewis who freely adapts the novel “Petroleum!” by Upton Sinclair with a breath and an epic worthy of the best classic cinema, once again varying its directorial register. The film is an extraordinary success: two Oscars won (to Day Lewis and the director of photography Robert Elwitt) out of eight nominations, Silver Bear for directing in Berlin and so much more.

Two years later, in 2009, Anderson announces that he has started work on the script for The Master, another epic, deep and far-reaching tale of charismatic and larger than life personalities: that of the leader of a religious sect in America in the 1950s, and of a wild young man who becomes its protégé. After a stalemate due to financial problems, the project went ahead thanks to Annapurna Pictures by Megan Ellison, and the film was presented at the Venice Film Festival 2012, where the two main actors, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix, they won the Volpi Cup is Anderson the Silver Lion for Direction.

His latest effort is the surprising Defect of form, adaptation of the novel of the same name by Thomas Pynchon in which noir is mixed with stoner comedy synthesizing many of his souls, again interpreted by Joaquin Phoenix.

Paul Thomas Anderson has been romantically linked with the actress since 2001 Maya Rudolph, with whom he had four children. He previously had a relationship with the singer-songwriter Fiona Apple, for which he directed numerous music videos.

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