Thousands sign petition urging Dr Jill Biden to repair Melania’s murdered rose garden

Dr. Jill Biden spent her first 100 days as FLOTUS repairing the damage done to the Office of the First Lady by her predecessor, Melania Trump. But his work is not yet finished.

A petition urging Dr Biden to repair the White House rose garden that Ms Trump killed has collected over 43,000+ signatures.

Melania had the garden, which was originally planted by Jackie Kennedy in 1962, uprooted completely in 2019. She also had ten perfectly healthy crabapples cut down for no reason.

It was one of the few things she actually did as First Lady.

The petition reads as follows:

In 2019, Melania Trump had the cherry trees, a gift from Japan, and the rest of the foliage removed and replaced with a boring tribute to herself. Jackie’s legacy was taken from Americans who remembered everything the Kennedys meant to us. We want Jill Biden and Doug Emhoff to take this and give the rose garden back to the original Jackie design.

The garden, which is often used by presidents to deliver speeches and hold outdoor press briefings, was the site of a “big-ticket event” last September when it was used to celebrate the nomination. Amy Coney Barrett at SCOTUS.

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Three weeks after Melania unveiled the new garden design, it had to undergo emergency repairs after experiencing “water drainage issues” and “some minor complications with the updated construction”.

Then the grass had to be completely redone after being irreparably damaged during the Republican National Convention, when hundreds of people stepped on it.

The White House has not yet responded to requests for restoration of the garden.

Graham Gremore is editor and editor at Queerty. Follow him on Twitter @grahamgremore.

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