Victoria Beckham shares naughty photo of David Beckham

Victoria Beckham knows her husband is doing well, and she is clearly a generous soul. Why do we say that? Because Posh Spice shared a photo of David Beckham’s butt on Instagram.

The “Wannabe” icon interrupted our regular scrolling over the weekend by uploading the sparkling photo she took of her husband relaxing by the pool in a skimpy pair of Versace briefs. According to the cheeky legend – “you’re welcome” – she knew what she was doing.

To quote a Spice Girls classic, Beckham’s poolside snap had fans slow down to say “stop right now, thank you very much” in the comments section. “This is the most incredible act of generosity I have ever witnessed,” wrote one admiring fan. “On behalf of everyone everywhere … thank you,” exclaimed another. Others would be sure to compliment the partial moon alongside messages expressing their extreme gratitude.

This isn’t the first time Victoria and David have looked adorable on Instagram. InStyle noted that the “Spice Up Your Life” superstar recruited her husband to reapply his lipstick during a campaign photoshoot. She shared the cute moment in the behind-the-scenes photos of her Instagram story. He frequently appears alongside their children on his grid. This can however be considered one of the biggest teases of the pair.

The photo garnered over 1.2 million likes and many celebrated it as the highlight of their weekend. The Beckham family probably can’t say the same as they had more good news to celebrate.

ESPN reported that Beckham’s second child – Romeo Beckham – has followed in David’s professional footsteps. The 19-year-old has signed with Fort Lauderdale CF, a football team that plays in League One of the United Soccer League. The eldest Beckham is part owner of the club’s sister team, Inter Miami CF.

The teenager celebrated the news with an Instagram photo of himself on the pitch. “Follow your dreams,” he wrote in the caption. Victoria shared a sweet message in the comments section: “We’re so proud of you Romeo.”

Talk about a beautiful and talented family.

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