WATCH: Michael Henry laments loss of his FWB pandemic

At least he had one.

Comedian Michael Henry posted his latest video this week, a combination of ode and lament to friends of COVID-19 with benefits.

Entitled My Friend With Benefits Dumped Me, the video shows Michael with his friends Pete and Michael relaxing in front of a dumpster. Michael and Michael moan just thinking about the hot love they are going to have with their partners, while Pete wears a black veil, in mourning.

Michael Henry brags about his latest FWB, which mimics singer Seal. Michael Lucid is proud to connect with a Jack in the Box sesame seed sprinkler.

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Come find out, Pete’s friend with perks – a mechanic, whom Pete sees every week after pouring kitty litter into a gas tank – dumped him. In fact, it has completely disappeared.

“He’s probably greasing the jalopies of the whole neighborhood,” Pete laments.

As Pete sinks into melancholy, Donald, the FWB mimicking the seal of Michael Henry, stops for a little song.

Fortunately, as Michael, Michael and Donald are about to embark on an FWB couples retreat, Pete receives a message from his mechanic. In fact, it turned out …

Well, it’s better to watch. Looked.

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