Why weren’t the 2021 Oscars attendees wearing masks?

After a year filled with mandatory coronavirus safety protocols at major awards, many of which took place virtually, why weren’t the 2021 Oscars contestants wearing masks?

The 2021 Oscars were held in person at Union Station and the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday, April 15, but those in attendance were not required to wear headgear. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences managed to win Oscars without a mask by legally treating the event as a film or television production under California state protocols, allowing camera “talent” to appear. without mask.

During the ceremony, Regina King addressed the 2021 Oscars mask policy. “You’re probably wondering how can we do this. Well, think of it like a movie set – an Oscar movie set with a cast of over 200 nominees, ”she said, explaining how participants were social distancing and practicing other COVID-19 health and safety protocols. “We follow all the rigorous protocols that allowed us to return to work safely. When we ride, the masks come off, and when we don’t ride, the masks come on ”.


Additionally, the 93rd Academy Awards have been drastically reduced to just 170 expected attendees instead of the usual thousands, making it a more intimate event.

The evening’s main prizes were presented in the 161,000-square-foot Dolby Theater, where socially distant guests were said to have been tricked into and out of the space as the night wore on. Winners who were unable to attend the event in person had the option of virtually delivering their acceptance speech.

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