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Richard Branson is an investor and a businessman. He is the founder of the Virgin group. He first started his career at the age of 16 with a magazine named “Student”. In the year 1972, he has opened a group of record stores called Virgin Stores which was later renamed as Virgin Mega Stores which soon grew to become Virgin Atlantic. He is the 6th Wealthiest Man in United Kingdom.

Richard Branson

Richard Branson made many record breaking attempts in his life. He crossed the Pacific Ocean from Japan to Arctic Canada in the year 1991. He crossed in an air balloon and broke many records. This great business man had given his guest appearance in many television shows.

Branson Family Profile

Let us take a look at celeb profile of the Richard Branson and his family tree

Branson Parents – Edward James Branson and Eve Branson

Richard Branson is the son of Edward James Branson and Eve Branson. His father Edward James Branson was a barrister and soldier. His mother Eve Branson first served in the women royal naval services and then worked with Entertainments National Service Association as a Ballet Dancer.

Edward James Branson

She later worked with British South American Airways as an Air hostess. After getting married with Edward James Branson she started a real estate business. She also writes children’s books and novels.

Branson Siblings – Tom Branson, Vanessa Branson and Andrea Branson

Richard Branson has four siblings. The identity of the fourth sibling is unknown.

Branson Wife- Kristen Tomassi (Ex), Joan Templeman

Richard Bransonwas married twice. He first married Kristen Tomassi in the year 1972 and they were divorced in the year 1979. This couple did not have any children. Their marriage lasted for 6 years.

Joan Templeman

He met his second wife Joan Templeman in the year 1978 and they were married in the year 1989. They have three children – Two daughters and one son. They are still together.

Children Of Richard Branson and Joan Templeman

Clare Sarah Branson, Holly Branson and Sam Branson

  1. Clare Sarah Branson

Born – 1979

Clare Sarah Branson was first daughter of Richard Branson and Joan Templeman. She died in the year 1979 when she was just four days old.

  1. Holly Branson

Born – 1982

Holly Branson

Holly Branson is the elder daughter of Richard Branson and Joan Templeman. She is a doctor but has quit her profession to work with her father.

  1. Sam Branson

Born  – 1985

Sam Branson

Sam Branson is the only son of Richard Branson and Joan Templeman couple. He is a film maker, actor and former model. He got married to Isabella Calthorpe in the year 2013.

Daughter In Law of Richard Branson

Isabella Calthorpe

Isabella Calthorpe

Isabella Calthorpe is wife of Sam Branson. She is an actress.

Richard Branson Family Net worth

Richard Branson net worth is currently $4.9 billion. He is the Sixth Richest Man in United Kingdom. A self-made billionaire, Branson is an inspiration for many young businessmen.

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