The Reigning King of Alternative R&B: The Weeknd Wiki & Biography

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye

The Reigning King of Alternative R&B: The Weeknd Wiki & Biography


  • Full Name :
    Abel Makkonen Tesfaye
  • Born :
    16th-Feb -1990
  • Zodiac Sign :
  • Birth Place :


  • Occupation :
    Artist, Businessman , Entrepreneur , Fashion Designer , Model , Musician , Philanthropist , Producer , Rapper , Singer
  • Industry :

    Fashion & Retail


There are truly precious moments in the entertainment industry when a highly talented musician is preordained to be on the ascendant, and whose star is sure to shine brightly within the illustrious firmament of fame and glory. Naturally, the prudent move would be to generate the necessary momentum by producing concrete and truly worthy material that will establish the musician’s integrity as an artist to both fans and critics alike. But the trajectory from beloved indie fave to viral mainstream superstar can only be achieved if an individual has the right elements at play.


First, the talent has to be so palpable that even the most cynical music fans can recognize a rough diamond that needs to be polished. Second, the artist must project a certain level of mystique at the grassroots level in order to generate the right kind of buzz. Third, the output must be strong enough to withstand critical scrutiny or else the first and second requirements will be all for naught. Once that emerging entertainer has ticked all three boxes, then that artist is pretty much cleared to have the world for the taking, much like what The Weeknd did when he burst into the music scene. Possessing a melodious and crooning voice plus the alluring looks and confident swagger of a street-smart urbanite, The Weeknd (pronounced as ‘weekend’) has certainly made his native country of Canada proud with his meteoric rise to mainstream fame and success.


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