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How beautiful you become

Amy Schumer
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Age: 39 years old
Height: 170 cm
Born in: New York, United States
Born on: 01/06/1981


Born June 1, 1981 in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Amy Schumer lived her teenage years in Baltimore, Maryland after her parents divorced. Here she attended Towson University, where she graduated in theater, and then returned to the Big Apple, where she alternated between working as a waitress and acting studies at the William Esper Studio. In these years she mainly treads the stage, which allows her to gain experience and develop a personal interpretation. From the theater to the small screen the step is short and so in 2007 Schumer takes part in some episodes of the shows Last Comic Standing is Reality Bites Back. The first television roles, on the other hand, are participations, often as an extra, in the series Cupid (2009), 30 Rock (2009) and Curb Your Enthusiasm (2011). The film debut comes with a small part in the independent film Sleepwalk with Me (2012) of Mike Birbiglia, followed by the comedy Price Check (2012) of Michael Walker and the sentimental Seeking love for the end of the world (2012), where he supports Steve Carell is Keira Knightley.

Meanwhile, his television career continues among hosted in successful TV series, among which stand out Delocated (2012), Louie (2012) and Girls (2013). While they don’t highlight her with starring performances, these engagements greatly enhance her fame as a TV personality; so much so that since 2013 she has been entrusted with a show of her own, Inside Amy Schumer, a series of sketch comedies in which the actress introduces and interviews well-known personalities from the world of entertainment, addressing with them topics concerning sexuality and gender roles. In the course of the various editions, thanks to his show he won the Critics’ Choice Television Award, an Emmy and other awards; in addition, this experience as a presenter will come in handy when she has to conduct i 2015 MTV Movie Awards.

Just 2015 is the year in which Schumer’s fame is at its peak, in fact she returns to the cinema, this time with a starring role, with A girl disaster of Judd Apatow – for which she won the Critics Choice Movie Award for Best Actress – while on the small screen an episode of the Saturday Night Live (2015), where it will also return in 2018, and the special Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo (2015), nominated for a Grammy Award. In 2017 he is twice on the big screen as the main character of Fuck you!, demented comedy with Goldie Hawn, and of Thank You for Your Service, bio-pic war with Miles Teller is Haley Bennett. The following year is Renée, the young woman who after an accidental fall wakes up convinced that she is sexy and irresistible in the comedy. How beautiful you become (2018).

How beautiful you become

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How beautiful you become

How do I make you beautiful (I Feel Pretty)

Role: Actress
Year: 2018

Fuck you!

Fuck you! (Snatched)

Role: Actress
Year: 2017

A girl disaster

A girl disaster (Trainwreck)

Role: Actress
Year: 2015

A girl disaster

A girl disaster (Trainwreck)

Role: Screenwriter
Year: 2015 Go to the complete Filmography


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Movie Role

How beautiful you become

Renee Bennett

Fuck you!

Emily Middleton

A girl disaster



Golden Globe

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  • 2016 – Nomination for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy Film for A Girl Disaster

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