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Christian Clavier
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Age: 68 years old
Height: 168 cm
Born in: Paris, France
Born on: 06/05/1952


Christian Clavier is born the May 6, 1952 in Paris, where after high school he embarked on the path of acting by joining the theater company, active at the Splendid theater which also participated in some film comedies, such as Le père Noël est une ordure (1982), where Clavier is a homosexual transvestite. His debut on the big screen arrives in the 70s with extras and small roles, which put him on the margins of stories, with some parts a little more relevant in works such as Kites don’t die in the sky (1977), alongside the young and recently established Gérard Depardieu is Miou-Miou. In 1978, together with his company, he joined the cast of Les Bronzés, a cult comedy of the French cinema scene that is part of a trilogy – they will follow Les Bronzés font du ski (1979) and Les Bronzés 3: Amis pour la vie (2006) – in which Clavier plays the role of a teacher, Jerome Tarere.

The 1980s continued with French productions, especially comedies, such as Papy fait de la résistance (1983) in which the protagonist is o Tranches de vie (1985) with Laura Antonelli. Established at home both on the big and on the small screen, he achieved worldwide success in 1993 with Visitors of Jean-Marie Poiré – old acquaintance of Clavier because he had directed several films of his company. It’s a fantastic comedy set in the year one thousand, in which Clavier shares the scene with Jean Reno, in the role of Count Goffredo de Montmirail known as “Grosso” the second and his faithful squire Jean Cojon the Marpione the first. The film was a success, so much so that it even had two sequels, Visitors 2 – Back to the past (1998) and Les Viseteurs – La Révolution (2016), as well as a US remake The last warrior in 2001, all starring the two French actors. In addition to the international fame given to him by the character of Jean Cojon and his proverbial exclamation “Okkkayyy !!”, Clavier also won two Cesar Award nominations with visitors, one as an actor and another as a screenwriter of the film.

He resumes acting in French comedies and is directed for the seventh time by Poiré in Forbidden money (1995) with Depardieu ed Eva Grimaldi, but in 1999 another “great” role arrives that brings him back under the eyes of the world viewer, that of Asterix in Asterix & Obelix against Caesar, a role he will also reprise in the sequel Asterix & Obelix: Cleopatra Mission (2002). Clavier is now an emblem of French comedy and a well-known face of world cinema, so it is not surprising that in 2000 he joined the cast of the TV miniseries The Miserables with Gérard Depardieu, John Malkovich, Enrico Lo Verso is Asia Argento, aired on Canale 5. Following the television success of the latter, two years later his interpretation of Napoleon in the TV miniseries is to be remembered Napoléon (2002), which had a great echo in the Italian boot, thanks also to the participation – as well as Depardieu and Malkovich – also of Italian stars such as Isabella Rossellini, Claudio Amnedolto ed Ennio Fantastichini. Shares the set with Reno again The Corsican Bandit (2004) based on an episode of the comics about detective Jack Palmer and in which he takes part as his first foreign project Caterina Murino.

After having measured himself several times with the screenplay and the production, in 2011 he also measured himself with the direction, shooting On ne choisit pas sa famile, a comedy in which he himself is the protagonist together with Jean Reno, Muriel Robin ed Helena Noguerra. In the following years he starred in a series of comedies, including Les Profs (2013), Don’t marry my daughters! (2014) and All crazy in my house (2014), all of French production until 2017 when he joined the cast of the drama A bag of marbles, film based on the novel of the same name set in the years of the Second World War, in which Clavier is a Jewish doctor in whom the two main brothers confide. 2017, however, is also the year of two projects more in line with the actor’s career, is the astonished gynecologist of Audrey Dana in Something too much and joins the cast of Welcome to my home (2018) as a French intellectual who suddenly finds himself invaded by a large Roma family.

Something too much

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Don't marry my daughters 2

Don’t Marry My Daughters 2 (Qu’est-ce qu’on a encore fait au bon Dieu?)

Role: Actor
Year: 2019

Asterix and the secret of the magic potion

Asterix and the secret of the magic potion (Astérix: Le secret de la potion magique)

Role: Actor
Year: 2018

The Adventures of Spirou and Fantasio

The Adventures of Spirou and Fantasio (Les aventures de Spirou et Fantasio)

Role: Actor
Year: 2018

Welcome to my home

Welcome to my home (À bras ouverts)

Role: Actor
Year: 2017 Go to the complete Filmography


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