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With all my heart

Vincenzo Salemme
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Age: 63 years old
Height: 171 cm
Born in: Bacoli, Italy
Born on: 07/24/1957


Born in Bacoli, in the province of Naples, the July 24, 1957, Vincenzo Salemme he first attended the Umberto I classical high school and later enrolled in the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of the Federico II University of Naples. His theater debut came in 1976 when he joined the theater company of Tato Russo in 1976, a group that will have to leave the following year when, moving to Rome, he joins the company of Eduardo De Filippo (in which he will be active until 1992), who at the time starred in some theatrical comedies for Rai. Instead, it is thanks to the knowledge of Nanni Moretti that Salemme made his debut at the cinema, taking part in some of his films such as LMass is over (1985).

At the same time he continues to cultivate his passion for theater, not only acting, but also as a writer and director, experiences that will convince him in 1990 to set up on his own by founding theET Emporio Teatro Cultural Association with the intention of proposing a theatrical reality of its own. The experiment will be so successful that he is offered to represent his plays at the Piccolo Eliseo Theater in Rome and Salemme will form the company Who is on stage, which will organize tours around Italy. At the cinema he is one of the protagonists of the dramatic film The dip (1993), but he soon took the reins here too and measured himself against the camera, becoming the director of his films.

The first directorial experiment is The friend of the heart (1998), a comedy in which he is joined by two other Neapolitan comedians, Carlo Buccirosso is Maurizio Casagrande. Given the positive outcome and the takings even more, Salemme the following year I try again and bring it to the big screen Love at first sight (1999). For years, the 2000s, in which he divides himself between set and stage, bringing four comedies to the big screen in the first period: Freewheeling (2000), He wanted the sky (2002), I’ve seen the stars! (2003) and Crazy things! (2005), all accompanied by Casagrande and other interpreters who will enter the Salemme stable as fixed points, including Biagio Izzo, Nando Paone is Tosca D’Aquino.

In 2006 the actor and director from Bacoli joins together with Massimo Boldi in the cast of Olè of Carlo Vanzina, a director with whom he will collaborate over and over again throughout his career. The following years saw him very busy, both as a filmmaker for SMS – In Disguise (2007) and No problem (2008), both with Giorgio Panariello, both as a leading actor in Former (2009) of Fausto Brizzi – whose sequel will be directed by Vanzina in 2011 – e Life is a wonder thing (2010) by Vanzina who in a secondary role for Baarìa (2009) of Giuseppe Tornatore. Temporarily putting the camera aside, he focuses above all on theater in the dual role of director and performer and on cinema solely as an actor. In this period he was directed four more times by Carlo Vanzina, but he will also collaborate with another director of the Italian comedy, Paolo Costella, who will direct him in the cinepanettone I’m getting married at Christmas (2010), where he shares the set with Boldi, e Blessed with luck (2011) as the protagonist.

2012 is a rich year for Salemme which is first measured also with sentimental comedy in 10 rules to make her fall in love, supporting the youtuber William Scilla, then appears in A woman for life, his friend Casagrande’s directorial debut, and finally he is in the cast of Good day di Vanzina, who will direct it in those years also in Never United States (2013) and Taste of you (2014). Back to directing with … And it’s snowing outside! (2014) and If you leave me it’s not worth it (2016) with which he proposes the true Neapolitan comedy with the spearheads of the Neapolitan comedy with which he has already worked previously. He will meet some long-time colleagues, Boldi e Gigi Proietti, in But what sign is 6? (2014) directed by Black Relatives, but always with the hand of Vanzina here under the guise of a screenwriter and who will want him as the protagonist of You don’t steal from thieves’ homes (2016) and Treasure hunt (2017). In 2018 Vincenzo Salemme brings to the big screen An exaggerated party, in which the already evergreen of previous works, Tosca D’Aquino and Nando Paone, are joined by other Italian comedians, such as Giovanni Cacioppo is Francesco Paolantoni.

With all my heart

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With all my heart

With all my heart

Role: Film director
Year: 2021

An exaggerated party

An exaggerated party

Role: Film director
Year: 2018

If you leave me it's not worth it

If you leave me it’s not worth it

Role: Film director
Year: 2016

... And it's snowing outside!

… And it’s snowing outside!

Role: Film director
Year: 2014 Go to the complete Filmography


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With all my heart

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