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The Front Runner

Hugh Jackman
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Age: 52 years old
Height: 188 cm
Born in: Sydney, Australia
Born on: 12/10/1968

Spouse: Deborra-Lee Furness (married since 1996)


Hugh Jackman was born on 12 October 1968 in Sydney and spent his childhood in Australia. After the separation of the parents, she stays with her father and grows up in a male family, together with her two older brothers. He attends schools in the city, in Sydney, but is an energetic kid who loves camping and being outdoors. The book under the pillow, the one you leaf through after the scurrying on the beach, is a geographical atlas full of the places you dream of visiting, possibly as a chef on board the airplanes; the food ready on the hostess’ trolleys must arrive somewhere, he repeats himself as a child. Later, the idea of ​​cooking in flight was put aside, after an unsatisfactory course of study at the University of Technology of Syndey where he graduated in Communication, he decides to enroll in the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, to specialize in Dramatic Art. Surrounded by ambitious and talented young people, at times he feels inadequate, the “class idiot” he says, but he continues and does not give up, he studies, acts and sings as well, giving his best to each audition. He has to wait a little longer: very little in reality, on the evening of the final show at the Academy, a few seconds before the curtain closes, he receives a phone call that changes his life: he gets the first leading role in the Australian TV series Correlli and on the set he meets Deborra-Lee Furness, who will become his wife. In 1996, thanks to his swollen and vibrant voice, as well as his well-placed physique and vain air, he gets the part of Gaston in the Australian version of the Disney musical The beauty and the Beast. And he ends the year with a flourish by scoring a musical double with the role of Joe Gills in Sunset Boulevard by Andrew Lloyd Webber. From here began a brilliant career around the theaters of Melbourne, until the consecration, which took place in 1998 with the show Oklahoma!, in front of the demanding London audience at the Royal National Theater. His portrayal of Curly earned him a nomination for Olivier award how best actor of musicals.

Is in the 1999 which becomes known to the general public, when he puts on the claws of Wolverine in the team of X-Men of Bryan Singer. Nobody cares that Jackman is at least 30 cm taller than the comic: a bit for the frown Clint Eastwood, a little fury to the Mel Gibson in Mad Max (they are some of the characters he was inspired by), the public accepts and immediately becomes attached to his lanky Wolverine. In 2001 he switched from yellow tights to gaiters, and proved to be as good at fighting as he was at courting ladies as the charming Duke of Albany, in the romantic comedy. Kate & Leopold of James Mangold. The lady in question is Meg Ryan and the film also earned him a nomination like Best Actor ai Golden Globe. Then it’s the turn of a thriller (Codex: Swordfish of Dominic Sena with John Travolta is Halle Berry), an action movie (Van Helsing of Stephen Sommers) and the sequel by Bryan Singer, X-Men 2. In these years he also found time to tread the stages of Broadway in the musical The Boy from Oz about the life of the singer Peter Allen. His agenda of the 2006 is very dense: it is the illusionist Robert Angier in the film by Christopher Nolan, The Prestige, where among others it also appears David Bowie like Nikola Tesla; is directed by Woody Allen in the movie Scoop with Scarlett Johansson, and from Darren Aronofsy neither The tree of Life; reprises the role of the mutant Logan in the last chapter of the trilogy X-Men- Final Conflict, directed this time by Brett Ratner; and engages in the dubbing of two animated films, first lending the voice to the Memphis penguin in Happy Feet of George Miller and then to the house mouse Roddy in Down the tube, produced by Dreamworks is Aardman Animation. In 2008, appears next to Nicole Kidman in Australia of Baz Luhrmann, which he himself defines as a “love story of other times” filmed in the uncontaminated landscapes of his native land. The following year, he is once again Wolverine in the spinoff dedicated to him, X-Men Origins – Wolverine. Of the 2012 is the extraordinary interpretation of Jean Valjean in the film adaptation of the musical Les Misérables, for which it is awarded a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy Film. In recent years he has appeared in X-Men – days of a future past, Humanandroid, Pan-trip to the Neverland. In 2017 wears Wolverine’s claws for the last time in Logan of James Mangold.

The Front Runner

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