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Jacqueline Bisset
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Age: 76 years old

Born in: Weybridge, Great Britain
Born on: 13/09/1944


Jacqueline Bisset, born Winnifred Jacqueline Fraser Bisset, is an actress of English origin – and not French as her name might suggest – born the September 13, 1944 in Weybridge, England. She lived, however, in Reading, where she moved with her family during the years of the Second World War. As a child she took several ballet lessons and her mother – originally from Paris – taught her French. During her teens she finds herself forced off the toes to start working as a model to support the family, after her mother is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and her father abandoned them. It is in these years that, after moving to London, she joins her work as an image girl with acting lessons that will allow her to launch herself into the world of cinema a few years later.

Her first role is an extra – uncredited by the way – that of a model in Not everyone has it (1965) by Richard Lester, but allows her to be directed by Roman Polanski in Cul-de-sac in 1966, where she was registered under the name “Jackie Bisset”. In 1967 the first major role for Bisset arrives at the cinema, alongside Audrey Hepburn is Albert Finney in Two for the road of Stanley Donen, where she plays Jackie, the girl Finney’s character is interested in. In the same year he is on the set of Casino Royal (1967) with Peter Sellers, Ursula Andress, Orson Welles is Woody Allen as the secretary Moneypenny. Fox executives, impressed with Bisset’s performance in Donen’s film, contact her to replace Mia Farrow in Dangerous investigation (1968) with Frank Sinatra. It is always 1968 when together with Michael Sarrazin takes part in The long wave, receiving a Golden Globe nomination for Most Promising Newcomer (aka Best Promising Newcomer Actress), and playing the girlfriend of Steve McQueen in Bullitt.

Her beauty seasoned with an innate elegance and a massive dose of sensuality, guarantee her some leading roles in minor productions, such as the erotic. The First Time (1969) and in Stand Upand Be Counted (1970) by Jackie Cooper, until it reaches established stars, including Burt Lancaster is Dean Martin in Airport (1970) and Paul Newman in The man with the 7 halters (1972). The meeting with François Truffaut marks his fortune, especially since writing for his metacinematographic film Night effect (1973), then nominated for the Oscars the following year.

From this point on, the actress is now a film diva, working mainly in England and France. Right in free land it is the protagonist together with Jean-Paul Belmondo of How the reputation of the greatest secret agent in the world is destroyed (1973), while the following year he was in the hit detective story of Sidney Lumet from Agatha Christie’s masterpiece, Murder on the Orient Express (1974). These are the years in which Bisset rides the wave of success in Europe and acts as a co-star with Christopher Plummer in the thriller Crime in silence (1975) and with Marcello Mastroianni in Women’s Sunday (1975), before returning to Hollywood with Candidate for oblivion (1976) by J. Lee Thompson. In 1977 he is together with Nick Nolte is Robert Shaw in the underwater adventure of Abyss, receiving the fame, already accredited, as a sex symbol thanks to the scene in which she swims with a white shirt and to the Newsweek that defined her “the most beautiful actress of cinema of all time”. In the late 1970s, Jacqueline Bisset was an established star, even receiving a Golden Globe nomination for her performance in Someone is killing the greatest cooks in Europe (1978).

While the Seventies close with Italian I love I don’t love (1979), the next decade begins with a new collaboration with Paul Newman in There is now no escape (1980) and with Rich and famous (1981) directed by George Cukor, where she also held the role of co-producer. Here are some of the best known interpretations of his career, namely that of the seductive mother of Rob Lowe in Class (1983) and the next one, once again, to Albert Finney in Under the volcano (1984), for which he received his second Golden Globe nomination. The 1980s also marked Bisset’s debut on the small screen with the show Anna Karenina (1985), where she plays the role of the Tolstojan heroine, to which she follows Napoleon and Giuseppina (1987), in which she is the wife of the Napoleonic Armand Assante. An intense activity on TV has started, alternating with both international and Italian cinema, of which we remember Rossini! Rossini! (1991) of Mario Monicelli.

In the 2000s she is the retired actress, restaurant owner, in sentimental and unconventional comedy Latter Days – Hopeless romantics (2003) and the director of the boarding school in the dramatic Physical education of girls (2005) of John Irvin. She is the mother of the bounty hunter Keira Knightley in Domino (2005), a parental figure who also covers in Death in Love (2008). In this period, however, he focuses more on TV, participating in biblical miniseries Jesus (1999) and In the Beginning – In the beginning was (2000) and some successful series episodes, such as Ally McBeal (2001) and Nip / Tuck (2006). Tile Brad Pitt is Angelina Jolie in Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) in some scenes that included a final confrontation between the protagonist couple and Bisset supported by Terence Stamp, but the fragment was dropped in post-production in favor of another ending. In 2014 she is the wife of Gérerd Depardieu in Welcome to New York (2014) of Abel Ferrara, while in 2017 he took part – once again – in an entirely French film, shot by François Ozon, Double Love, a dramatic thriller presented in competition at the Cannes Film Festival that same year.




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