Jennifer Lopez Slyly closes the question on Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez showed off her media prowess Tuesday morning by creatively dodging a question about her rekindled relationship with Ben Affleck and her past with ex-fiance Alex Rodriguez.

The moment happened during a joint interview between the superstar and Lin-Manuel Miranda with TODAY’s Hoda Kotb. The couple may have been promoting the re-release of their 2016 charity single “Love Make the World” – in honor of the fifth anniversary of the Pulse massacre – but Kotb was more interested in having tea on the love life. by J.Lo.

“I need a little girl to talk to my daughter – just a little!” said the anchor before jumping into it. “You look happy,” she told the star. “Look, I’ve known you for a long time, years. You look happier.

J.Lo tried to work around the problem by replying, “I’m always happy when you see me Hoda!” but Kotb did not have it.

“No, no, no,” she chided her. “You look happier. Look, I just have to tell you, every time I see a picture of you and Ben, I’m like, ‘She looks happier. She looks happier! ‘ Are we happier? “

At this point, the singer hilariously declined to answer the question, taking a break before bringing the conversation back to her and Miranda’s song. “The song came out, five years,” she said impassively as her collaborator cheered in the background. “Five years since we did it, and I believe this message of love for each other, meeting and love … is never more relevant than it is right now. . “

Laughing, Kotb could only reply, “Wait, you’re talking to me, you know that?” to which J.Lo replied, “I know, you can call me. You have my number.”

So much for trying to shoot Jenny a quick out of the block… Watch the hilarious moment below.

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