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Age: 80 years old
Height: 178 cm
Born in: Mirfield, Great Britain
Born on: 13/07/1940

Spouse: Sunny Ozell (s. 2013), Wendy Neuss (s. 2000-2003), Sheila Falconer (s. 1966-1990)
Sons: Daniel Stewart, Sophie Alexandra Stewart


Born on July 13, 1940 in Mirfield, in English Yorkshire, Patrick Stewart grew up in a poor family with an abusive father, a British Army sergeant major suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder after the fighting in World War II. An experience, that of domestic violence, which marked the actor a lot, determining not only some of his political and ideological choices, but also moments of private life. The first approaches to acting are due to an English teacher, such Cecil Dormand, who pushed Stewart towards the texts of Shakespeare.

At the age of 11, in 1951, he entered the Mirfield Secondary Modern School, where he continued to study acting, and a few years later he abandoned his studies to devote himself completely to the local theater. He later got a job as a journalist and obituary writer for the “Mirfield & District Reporter”, neglected very much precisely because of the acting. Thanks to a grant he manages to attend the Bristol Old Theater School and a few years later, now sufficiently famous, Stewart declares that acting was a means of expressing himself during youth. After a period of militancy at the Library Theater in Manchester, he joined the Royal Shakespeare Company, where he remained from 1966 to 1982, when he moved to the Royal National Theater.

It is the sixties, when he appears on TV for the first time, in minor roles such as that of the young firefighter in the series. Coronation Street (1967). In 1970 he made his Broadway debut with A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Peter Brook, while in 1975 he made his big screen debut with Scotland Yard’s longest day is The mystery of Mrs. Gabler. During the seventies they continue to offer him various roles, which do not consecrate him to success, but allow him to make his way: on TV it is Vladimir Lenin The Fall of the Eagles (1974), is Seiano in I Claudius emperor (1976) and King Claudius inHamlet (1980) by the BBC; at the cinema, however, he plays Leodegrance, Geneva’s father, in Excalibur (1981) by John Boorman, Gurney Halleck in Dunes (1984) by David Lynch and Dr. Armstrong in Space Vampires (1985) by Tobe Hooper.

Stewart’s first love remains, however, the theater, despite this, in 1987 he starts working in Hollywood to revive an old sci-fi television program of which he totally ignored the importance; nor was he aware of how much Star Trek was inserted into the imaginary of American culture. Although he was reluctant, Stewart agreed to join the cast of the saga, convinced that it would be a failure and he could return to London, after making some money. In 1987 Stewart was on TV with the series Star Trek – The Next Generation in the role of captain Jean-Luc Picard and is a success, also thanks to his presence. The Los Angeles Times called Patrick an “unknown British Shakespearean actor” and in a short time the status of little known to the public was outclassed by the fame he achieved. The success of the show was such that in the 1990s and 2000s Star Trek was brought to the cinema with a new saga, which saw Stewart reprise his role for the films. Star Trek – Generations (1994), Stra Trek – First Contact (1996), Star Trek – The Uprising (1998) and Star Trek – The nemesis (2002).

During his years leading the Enterprise, Stewart continues to be active on TV, especially with various series, such as his portrayal of Scrooge in Christmas carol (1999), which with miniseries, including Moby Dick (1998), in which is the captain, this time nautical, Ahab. The nineties saw him involved in the cinema, outside of Star Trek, even with the thriller Conspiracy hypothesis (1997) and the action comedy Masterminds – The war of geniuses (1997). A new phase of his career begins exactly in 2000, when he joins the cast of a new franchise, that of the X-Men as Professor Charles Xavier, founder and mentor of the Marvel school of mutant superheroes. He was initially determined never to be part of a franchise again, but the idea of ​​working with the director Bryan Singer, who directed the first film in the saga, persuaded him and from now on Stewart will play Professor X in X-Men (2000), X-Men 2 (2003), X-Men – Final Conflict (2006), X-Men – Days of a future past (2014) and in spin-offs X-Men Origins – Wolverine (2009), Wolverine – The immortal (2013), Logan (2017).

While playing the telepath Xavier, Stewart also devotes himself to other interpretations and the 2000s on TV mark a return to origins with Shakespearean performances in the telefilms. Hamlet (2009), again in the guise of King Claudius, Macbeth (2010) as the protagonist and in the miniseries The Hollow Crown (2012). At the cinema he is the leader of the skinheads in thriller Green Room (2015), the husband of Glenn Close in Marriage to the ex (2017) and returns to give voice to the adventures of Arthur’s cycle with The boy who will be king (2019), fantastic adventure in which Merlin is.


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