The Imperial Grandmother of Performance Art: Marina Abramovic Wiki & Biography

Marina Abramovic

The Imperial Grandmother of Performance Art: Marina Abramovic Wiki & Biography


  • Full Name :
    Marina Abramovic
  • Born :
    30th-Nov -1946
  • Zodiac Sign :
  • Birth Place :
  • Education :
    University of Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts
  • Occupation :

    Activist , Artist, Author , Designer , Director , Filmmaker , Founder , Model , Photographer, Speaker, Teacher

  • Industry :

    Fashion & Retail


The purpose of art has always been to express a wide variety of concepts and emotions that confront the human condition. In the annals of art history, many artistic disciplines have emerged that allowed artists greater freedom to be more expressive with their visions. Similar to the way science constantly evolves in order to push society forward into the future, the same principle applies to art in the way that it nourishes the imagination of people to see the world from a different perspective and place emphasis on the value of aesthetics in everyday life.

Another great thing about art is the fact that artists aren’t limited to the static results of a two-dimensional painting or a three-dimensional sculpture since the human body can also be used as a perfect platform and canvas to convey abstract ideas that go beyond the very definition of what art means to the average person. This partiuclar art movement is known as performance art, and there is perhaps no better artist who embodies the very ideals of this discipline no better than Marina Abramovic herself.


During the late 1950s, when abstract art began to lose interest in highbrow circles, many artists around the world started to embrace performance art as a bonafide medium of artistic expression. The discipline of performance art was already seen as an accepted subgenre of avant-garde art since around 1910, but Marina Abramovic’s work is indicative of the goals of a new and experimental generation willing to take bold and declarative risks with their statements. She is assertive in her yearning to eschew the more traditional and object-based art materials used primarily by visual artists, and to eliminate the invisible distance between the creator and the audience by making her own body as the medium of complete and uncensored expression.

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