Who are the highest paid Tokyo 2020 Olympic athletes?

Who is the highest paid athlete at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020?

Forbes compiled a list of the top nine athletes who compete in the games. In total, the nine athletes managed to win $ 353 million last year. The outlet tracked their income via insiders between May 1, 2020 and 2021. Their income included their salaries, cash prizes, bonuses, sponsorships, licensing deals, advertisements, and more.

American athletes made up five of the top spots. NBA star Jrue Holiday comes in at No.9 with $ 23 million and at No.8 fellow basketball player Khris Middleton earned $ 27 million. Additionally, NBA star Devin Booker took sixth place with $ 30.5 million while Portland Trailblaizers playmaker Damian Lillard placed No.3 with 40.5 million.

Japanese tennis star Kei Nishikori took 7th place with $ 30.5 million. During the Olympic Games in Rio, he was able to win the bronze medal. It was the first time his country had won a medal in the sport in 96 years.

The extraordinary Northern Ireland golfer, Rory McIlroy, placed fifth with $ 32 million.

The No.4 is Serbian tennis master Novak Djokovic who recently won his Wimbledon match against Matteo Berrettini. He reportedly earned $ 34.5 million last year, including $ 2.4 million from the game.

Canada’s Naomi Osaka was the only woman on this list and placed second. The tennis icon was able to become the biggest winner among female athletes. Last year, she had over 20 sponsorship partners like Google, Levi’s, AirBnb, Nike, and Mastercard. She won an impressive $ 60 million this year.

The American basketball player Kevin Durant, who won the colossal sum of 75 million dollars, occupies the first place. The two-time Olympic gold medalist hopes to help the US team win a fourth straight gold medal.

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