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Christmas holidays in Cortina

Ivano Marescotti
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Age: 75 years old
Height: 178 cm
Born in: Villanova di Bagnacavallo, Italy
Born on: 04/02/1946


Ivano Marescotti is born the February 4, 1946 in Villanova di Bagnacavallo, in the province of Ravenna, where for years, after graduating from high school, he worked in the building office of the Emilian capital. The decision to take the road of acting takes it later, at thirty-five; in fact, in 1981 he leaves his job and starts performing in local theaters, joining several important theater companies. The debut in the cinema comes a few years later, when in 1989 he takes part in the erotic comedy The belt as a friend of the protagonist, Eleonora Brigliadori. Marescotti, however, seems to prefer the stage to the set, competing with great theater directors of the reach of Mario Martone, Carlo Cecchi, Giorgio Albertazzi and many others; yet the cinema wants him with it, tries to make him change his mind and most likely succeeds Silvio Soldini, who wants it in The serene air of the west (1990) together with Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Antonella Fattori is Patrizia Piccinini.

Thus began for the actor a very prolific period on the big screen, in particular in 1991, which sees him directed by Marco Risi in The rubber wall, from Marco Tullio Giordana in an episode of Especially on Sundays and finally from Roberto Benigni in Johnny Stecchino. The following year he is the father in the family represented by Fulvio Wetzl in Four only children (1992), also winning a nomination for the Silver Ribbons, but it is with The recall (1993) who gets his first role as absolute protagonist, the Marquis Giovanni Dal Sasso, for which he is awarded at the Sulmona Festival. It is precisely the role of main character to give him the first awards, in fact for the interpretation in Strange Stories – Tales from the turn of the century (1994) was rewarded with a Casa Rossa Award at the Bellaria Film Festival in 1995. The monster (1994) and in the same year he is also in front of the camera of Pupi Avati in Declarations of love (1994).

Hand in hand with an early film career and an even more flourishing theatrical career, Marescotti also leads a marginal activity on TV, mainly taking part in television series, such as The octopus 6 (1992) and The young Mussolini (1993). While from the small screen he will take a break in 1999 – and then return in 2006 with the series And then there is Filippo – the cinema of the nineties now consecrates him as a star of the Italian scene with awards such as the Cinema and Society Award for the quality of interpretations in recent years, the Walter Chiari Award for cinema and the Linea d’ombra Award at the Salerno Festival, touching the highs with the sky gets always more blue (1996), Moon and the other (1996) and Jack Frusciante left the group (1996).

These are also the years in which he collaborated for the first time with a foreign director, Anthony Minghella in Mr. Ripley’s talent (1999), where he joined the then rising stars on the set Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law is Cate Blanchett. And Minghella is not alone, because in 2001 it will be Ridley Scott to direct it in Hannibal with Anthony Hopkins and in 2004 Antoine Fuqua in King Arthur in the role of Bishop Germanius. On the Italian front, on the other hand, he mainly focuses on comedy first with Aldo, John is Giacomo in The legend of Al, John and Jack (2002), then with Lessons in chocolate (2007), touching on the drama with Albakiara (2008). After several nominations, six of them, at the Nastri d’Argento in 2004 he finally received the award for the interpretation in the short film Life insurance. It continues in the wake of the comedy also in the second part of the 2000s, starting a collaboration with Gennaro Nunziante is Checco Zalone, which will bring him to the set of two films by the comedian from Bari, I fall from the clouds (2009) and What a beautiful day (2011). On TV he is one of the secondary characters of tell me (2006) and de The forest (2015), while he is the singular professor Gualtiero Cavicchioli of the three seasons of The high school students (2008).

In 2011 he is in the cinepanettone of Neri Parenti Christmas holidays in Cortina, where he works alongside his Roman colleagues Christian De Sica is Sabrina Ferilli. Now pushed his foot on the accelerator of the comedy, a few years later Marescotti is in the cast of Who they? (2015) and Crime never goes on vacation (2017), while meeting up with the colleague Stefano Accorsi – with whom he has often collaborated in the course of his life – in At home everyone is fine (2018), where he plays the head of the family of a group of relatives staged by Gabriele Muccino. In the same year he is in Lovers (2018), where it supports the young four protagonists First Reggiani, Margherita Mannino, Antonietta Bello is Luca Nucera.

Christmas holidays in Cortina

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