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Steve Buscemi
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Age: 63 years old
Height: 175 cm
Born in: New York, United States
Born on: 12/13/1957


Steven Vincent Buscemi, known in the world of cinema as Steve Buscemi, is born the December 13, 1957 in New York, where he graduated from Valley Stream Central High School. It is here that he first came into contact with the theater during school plays, later specializing at the Lee Strasberg Institute. During the years of study he did not immediately dive into acting, but in 1980 he enlisted in the ranks of the fire brigade, serving for four years. That commitment will lead him to debut later on TV with Not Necessarily the News (1983) with a small role, which will be followed by other small film productions, although two years he already manages to get the leading role in The Way It Is (1985) together with Vincent Gallo. Other minor works follow, he also acts with Uma Thurman in the thriller Laura (1987) and begins to make its way into that glittering world of cinema, reaching in 1988 Jeff Goldblum is Cindy Luper on the set of The secret of the golden pyramid (1988).

Immediately noticed by the film industry, Buscemi begins working with great American directors: he is directed by Martin Scorsese in the episode Lessons from life by New York Stories (1989) and from James Ivory in comedy New York slaves (1989). In the same year he received his first nomination, the one for Best Supporting Actor at the Independent Spirit Awards, for Mystery Train – Tuesday night in Memphis of Jim Jarmusch. The nineties open for the actor with The crimes of the black cat (1990), a film divided into four segments inspired by horror stories, where Buscemi is a university student who unleashes an ancient mummy against his companions. The role of the villain also plays him in King of New York (1990) by Abel Ferrara, where is one of drug lord Frank White’s minions, played by Christopher Walken. It is 1990 when he collaborates for the first time with the Coen brothers in Crossroads of death, starting an artistic partnership with Joel ed Ethan which in the following years will lead to the realization of various works. Collaboration that will be repeated not even a year later, in 1991, with Barton Fink – It happened in Hollywood, in which the New York interpreter plays a secondary role that acts as a perfect wallpaper for the film by the two directors.

The first leading role Buscemi plays him in the independent comedy In the Soup – A sea of ​​troubles (1992), but that’s when he enters the de Hyenas of Quentin Tarantino with the role of Mr. Pink the actor receives a surge in his career and fame, thanks also to the victory of the Independent Spirit Award. He will return to work with Tarantino in the following film, pulp Fiction (1994), appearing in a cameo as the waiter of the restaurant where Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega dine. He is later considered for the role of the Scarecrow in the fifth installment of the Batman saga Joel Schumacher, but Warner Bros. canceled the project. Parallel to his commitment to cinema, he tries to carry on, albeit in a more reduced way, also that on TV, occasionally participating in some episodes of some series, such as Miami Vice (1986) or Homicide (1995), maintaining a fixed role, however, within the western miniseries Lonely dove (1989).

The notoriety acquired in the early nineties guarantees the actor a thriving decade in which he returns to work three more times with the Coen brothers in Mister Hula Hoop (1994), Fargo (1996) and The Big Lebowski (1998), covering a more important role in the latter two, unlike previous collaborations. In 1996 Buscemi made his directorial debut with the dramatic comedy Bar flies, of which he is also the alcoholic protagonist and the screenwriter, immediately being nominated for Best Picture and Best Screenplay Debut at the Independent Spirit Awards. His success allows him to range more between genres in recent years, passing from the comedy of Somebody to love – Somebody to love (1994) to the metacinematographic satirist He shoots in Manhattan (1995) – of which he is also the protagonist – from the detective story What to do in Denver when you’re dead (1995) to the drama of Kansas City (1996) of Robert Altman up to the sci-fi grain of Escape from Los Angeles (1996) of John Carpenter.

Singular is his interpretation of a character called Buscemi in the western-inspired thriller of Robert Rodriguez, Desperado (1995), where the actor stars with Antonio Banderas is Salma Hayek. Another of the collaborations born in the 90s that the actor will carry on throughout his career is that with his colleague Adam Sandler, started with Airheads – A band to launch (1994) of Michael Lehmann and perpetrated with many comedies in which Buscemi supports him, such as Big Daddy – A special dad (1999), Mr. Deeds (2002), A child’s weekendi (2010) and many others.

The mask of his face, the hoarse and high voice, the tired-looking blue eyes and the crooked teeth – on which Buscemi never wanted to intervene – make him very versatile, so that he can easily interpret both a psychopathic serial killer in With Air (1997) which a suicidal singer in The cheaters (1998) or a demented cosmonaut in Armageddon – Final Judgment (1998). At the beginning of the third millennium, Buscemi shoots his second directorial effort, Animal Factory (2000), with protagonists Edward Furlong is Willem Dafoe, but also directs some episodes of the series The Sopranos (2001), in which he will play the role of Tony Blundetto. Act next to Sandra Bullock in 28 days (2000), with John Travolta in Only witness (2001), with Ewan McGregor in Big Fish (2003) and in The Island (2005). Back to being directed by Jarmusch once again in the role of the waiter in Coffee and Cigarettes (2003), where he shares the set with Roberto Benigni, Steven Wright and the stars Iggy Pop is Tom Waits.

Buscemi receives critical ovations, a new Independent Spirit Award and several other nominations with the interpretation in Ghost World (2001) and is particularly remembered for the character of Romero in Spy Kids 2 – The Island of Lost Dreams (2002) by Rodriguez. He is the protagonist of Delirious – Anything is possible (2006), a paparazzo in search of the big scoop, and takes part in the Rampart (2011) of Oren Moverman with Woody Harrelson.

In the 2000s he also made two other films: Lonesome Jim (2005) with Casey Affleck is Liv Tyler is Interview (2007) with Sienna Miller. On TV he takes part in a handful of episodes 30 Rock (2006) and was awarded a Golden Globe for the role of Enock “Nucky” Thompson in Boardwalk Empire (2012). At the cinema with Steve Carell is an illusionist from Las Vegas in Burt Wonderstone (2013), while Armando Iannucci entrusts him with the role of Nikita Khrushchev in the satirical With Stalin dead, another is made (2017). Shares the set with the young man Charlie Plummer, Travis Fimmel is Chloë Sevigny in Charley Thompson (2017), where he plays an elderly horse trainer.

The Incredible Life of Norman

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Role: Film director
Year: 2007

Lonesome Jim

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